Take a look at the great work our Teams just submitted for review!

REC Online Challenges

Before we tell you all the exciting news, here's a little background: every year, the REC (Robotics Education & Competition Foundation) accepts submissions for a variety of Online Challenges. These challenges, though all somewhat related to the subject of robotics competition, are often designed to test the applicants abilities in a wider variety of disciplines than you might expect. These online challenges are structured so that while having a strong STEM education will definitely help, you will still need really need to stretch yourself into other skillsets if you want to succeed. We always really push our teams to really go the extra mile on these submissions, as they really give them a chance to show off their talents in areas that aren't exclusively limited to the competition field. Anyway, without further ado, we are super excited to reveal that the Rolling Robots teams have just submitted their Online Challenges for 2018 and that you can read all about it below!

Important Note: You can view our entries at the links provided below. Part of the judging takes into account voting by the public, so please go to the entries and click like if you can. If you don't see anything in the entry, try looking for a little arrow in the "Files" section on the REC page; a lot of our submissions are in the form of downloadable PDF Files.

Promote Award Video

The Promote Award is presented to a VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) or VEX U team that has created and submitted an outstanding promotional video. This year we decided to tell the story of how our robotics education program helps students learn to build more than just robots with the video “Come See for Yourself”. It shows our team members sharing their hearts and minds about what they do at Rolling Robots, highlighting how VEX building and competition has impacted their lives. We've posted the full video below, be sure to check it out. One of our team members, Ethan, put a lot of work into making this video, so be sure to check out the text of his submission too! (Linked under the image).

Ethan Teaching
Ethan Teaching young kids about Competition Robotics
Read our submission, and give us a vote.

Game Design Animation

The VeX Game Design Animation Challenge requires that teams design a new game for a VEX competition and present it in an animated video. This year, our game is called Vex Rapid Reversal. You can read all about it on our submission page here: Rolling Robots VEX Rapid Reversal Game, and watch the video below to see it in action!

VEX Claw Bot
One of our robots working hard during a test run of Rapid Reversal.

Texas Instruments Electronics Challenge

In this challenge, our team members disassemble an electronic device and researched the components they found. Three of our teams entered this challenge. The devices analyzed were a Vex IQ Microcontroller, a D-Link Camera, and a PC Computer. They worked together to identify components and search for data sheets and other information online to deconstruct the devices and how they functioned. This process is integral to the field of reverse engineering and electronics repair and is a cornerstone of every good engineer's education. Based on their findings they presented a report detailing the process and discussing the function of each component in the overall device. One of our team member remarked that he felt like a detective during this project. It's not only an extremely informative task, but super fun as well.

Texas Instruments PCB

View our Texas Instruments Electronics Challenge Submissions Below (by Team)

Make it Real CAD Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to design and build a new part for use in Vex Robotics. This year our submission is a license plate holder that is actually being used on our competition robot now! The drawings and models were produced in Autodesk Inventor and then we produced the physical part on a 3D printer. Click here to read our submission (click the little arrow in the Files section to download the PDF): VEX License Plate Holder Submission

Photography Challenge

This one is pretty self-explanatory: teams submit a photo of their Vex Robotics experience! We had some really great experiences this last season and it's great to see them captured on film. Click each link below and scroll down to the Files section to see the photos!

View our Photography Challenge Submissions Below (by Team)

Thanks to all of you who submitted and to everyone reading this. Your hard work and support means the world to us. Please click the links and vote for our submissions!

Start your tech education this winter break

When is the best time to start your tech education? Why wait? Winter break is a great time to get started! Whether is be for a single day workshop or for the entire break, we have tons of different classes available to help kick the learning fun into high-gear this holiday season.

During the winter break we are offering STEM workshops in Robotics, Electronics and Code. These workshops are similar to our summer camps in that they provide a great introduction to STEM concepts in a small group setting. The workshops are typically comprised of 3 to 6 students and an experienced instructor. The workshops are 3 hours long each day and we have morning and afternoon sessions available; you can also book both sessions and stay for the whole day you want! During each session there are 2 to 4 different workshops being taught by different instructors, so you have many learning options available to cater to your child's interest and age level. This structure also give students a chance to interact with other students studying other subjects, broadening their experience at Rolling Robots.

Watch the video and read the Winter Camp topic synopsis below to get a better idea of what our winter camps are all about. Then choose your location at the bottom of this post to get started attending camp!

Winter Camp Descriptions
3D Printing DesignAges 8-14Design a 3D Model with Autodesk 123Design and print it out on a 3D Printer.
Arduino CodingAges 8-14Code an Arduino Microprocessor and use it to control a robot or to power your own hobbyist projects and inventions.
LEGO Robot Building & CodingAges 7-12Build a LEGO robot and program it to do things with the LEGO Mindstorms coding platform.
littleBits InventorsAges 6-9Learn basic electronic circuits and make force-driven R2D2 and other fun inventions.
Mech Robot BuildingAges 7-12Build a 'battle' robot with the VEX system. Prerequisite for VEX Robotics Competition.
Minecraft Building & ChallengesAges 7-14Learn Minecraft Skills and building with friends to meet daily challenges.
Scratch CodingAges 6-12Learn programming and animation with MIT's Scratch. Create computer games and animations.
VEX IQ Building & CodingAges 7-12Build a VEX IQ Robot and program it using Modkit. Prerequisite for VEX IQ Robotics Competition.
Palos Verdes
West LA